LifeTrack – Career and WorkLife Counselling Services is the home of LifeTrack, providing professional career counselling services, for a wide variety of industries and sectors.

Details are coming soon about group workshops and further specifics of LifeTrack‘s Career and WorkLife Counselling services.

Here is what LifeTrack can do for you, or someone you know:

  • Improve and modernize your resume building and job search skills
  • Write, update, critique, and customize your resumes and cover letters according to current job market expectations
  • Develop and manage your customized job search strategy to keep you moving forward and staying on track
  • Help you understand the modern job application and candidate selection processes from HR/recruiter’s perspectives
  • Learn how to get agency recruiters working for you to get results
  • Use social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) to maximize your networking reach
  • Learn how to develop a network (it’s not as hard as you think!)
  • Interview coaching and preparation
  • Provide you with current labour market information and resources
  • Guide your education and certification program research
  • Refer you to government-funded employment programs and services and assist you to complete related program and funding applications
  • Refer you to resources that are outside my skill set

If you need the help of a professional Career and WorkLife Counsellor, you’ll find the rates affordable and negotiable for the unemployed and barely employed.

Contact LifeTrack at or 647-294-6363. Be sure to mention that you saw this info on the new web site!

Dana Shaw, B.A.A., C.W.C.
Owner/Operator – LifeTrack
Career & Work Counsellor

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