Va Shared Well Agreement

The expert must decide when viability, market adequacy or acceptance or access to well and treatment facilities is a problem. If this is not a case, the evaluator should demonstrate market acceptance by choosing comparable products (sales, offers, rentals) with the same and/or similar characteristics. Connection to a public or communal water/wastewater management system is necessary whenever possible. Water quality for a single water supply must be in line with the requirements of the competent health authority. If the local authority does not have specific requirements, the maximum levels set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) apply to impurities. If the health authority is unable to carry out the water quality analysis on time, a commercial test laboratory or a certified health engineer acceptable to the health authority may collect and test the water sample. Water treatment systems are not acceptable for wells that do not meet ave quality standards due to insufficient depth or a source of contamination near supply. However, where there is no public water available and the individual water supply in the area is fed by an aquifer certified by the Public Health Authority to be contaminated, the property is eligible for a VA loan if the lender provides a copy of the letter from the Ministry of Public Health confirming groundwater contamination. that all requirements in the mortgage letters HUD 92-18 and 95-34, via individual water purification systems, have been met for the property, and that the former buyer has written confirmation that he/she understands that the well water that serves the property must be constantly treated by the owner, as requested by the local health authority, to be considered safe for human consumption. For a common well, the following conditions must be met: the well must be able to continue to supply each property with clean water and drinking water at the same time; There must be lasting relief for access to maintenance and reparation. An individual sanitation service must properly dispose of all household waste in a way that does not endanger harm or in any way public health. Individual mine sites are permitted when these facilities are common and are the only viable waste treatment facilities, provided they are installed in accordance with the recommendations of the local health authority. If the local health authority has no requirements,