Vivado License Agreement

A simulation-only or design linking license for a LogiCORE IP Core is a key to evaluation license that allows you to pass the entire design flow and perform simulations before and after implementation. However, you can`t generate file streams for designs containing LogiCORE IP cores enabled by a simulation-only license. After generating a license file, you will receive an email from NOTE: If you are entitled to a website license for a function, you should simply visit the Xilinx product license site and generate a new license with the new computer`s HostID. If you have licensed the download center and have not yet received it via email, please check your spam or junk food folder. The email can be blocked by electronic filters. You may need to contact your IT department, as emails may be blocked at the server level. You can also use your list of secure senders. A license locked by nodule is an encrypted “key” that is locked on a computer or dongle (certificate licenses only). The license is not counted, which means that there can be an unlimited number of simultaneous passes on each computer. Open CORE Generator IP catalog or Project Navigator New Source Wizard, Select IP page and search in column license. Each LogiCORE IP Core that needs a license key displays a small padlock symbol next to it in this column. An “A” on the padlock symbol indicates that the license key must be purchased. A “A” padlock symbol indicates that the license key is available to licensed customers at no additional cost.

Example: lmutil lmdiag -c %APPDATA%-Xilinx lmutil lmdiag -c 1700@my_license_server A floating license can only be generated by a person designated as a director of Xilinx FLEX or floating license administrator for the client`s Xilinx qualification account. The original administrator of the customer account is identified in the product order. A Xilinx FLEX management can add additional users to its account and define all account users as an administrator or grant non-aerator license rights to each user. To download and install the design tool, you need to sign up for Then the download and installation tool is at your disposal. Once you`ve obtained a license, you can use Vivado License Manager (Vivado) to set up your license with Xilinx design tools. The binary software files used for different levels of software (z.B. Trial, WebPack, Design Edition, etc.) are identical. Therefore, the level of Xilinx software can be changed at any time by purchasing a license of the desired level on the De Xilinx site. See “How do I get a license?” Device families and software for the level of the selected software must also be installed before they are used.