What Is The Meaning Of Fair Agreement

In contexts that do not involve competing interests, I would get rid of fairly: the initial financial statements (if any) provide a real and fair overview of its consolidated financial position and its activities at the end and for the year in question and the group`s profits for this year. But you have to be looking for a fair art, as in accounting, a true and fair point of view: New Yorkers love the US Open, but we also expect a fair deal from a company that makes hundreds of millions of dollars. I`ve also seen, used fairly in a way that scratches my head. For example: The numerical value of fair agreement in Chaldean numerology is: 7 In contracts on the SEC`s EDGAR system, the word is most often used in the expression of fair market value and its variants. But you also see fairly in the context of the processes used with competing interests: the manager will act in a fair and reasonable way to distribute the investments and trading opportunities on the account and each reference account. Although a true and just vision is annoyingly clumsy, I would be careful when it comes to getting involved. So we`re renegotiating NAFTA, and I think when it`s over, it`s going to be… It`s got to be a fair deal. It`s got to be fair, we can`t do this anymore.

I used to be reasonable and faithful. (See MSCD 13,557 and this 2011 contribution.) Now it`s time to think about fairness. It was a fair deal for Somalia. I do not know how the investigation was conducted or what kind of corruption we are talking about. Mass, adj. (12c) 1. impartiality; Only; just; . 2.

Without bias or prejudice . If, after decades of abuse, we do not make a fair deal for the United States, Canada will be outside. The parties recognize, assure and assure that the parties and their counsel were involved in the development of this agreement and in each of the provisions of this agreement, that the agreement as a whole must be interpreted in its proper sense. Conclusion: just use if you refer to the value and context of competing interests. In other contexts, it is likely that reasonable would be a better alternative. This is often the case with fair play and another adjective. I suggest that if it works fairly in the examples above, you can definitely eliminate his companion. In particular, I propose that, in this context, a subset of reasonableness is fair. … the securities to be resolved are not selected more than 60 days before the date of the cashing of the outstanding securities of this series, the terms of which have not been previously invited to be withdrawn … by the agent by a method that the agent deems fair and appropriate….