Cape Air Interline Agreements

All baggage is carried on an available basis and must be used for an additional fee. Any bag that is excessive because it exceeds the number of bags and/or weight or size allowed as a standard bag premium is subject to a cumulative rollover fee. Additional or derogatory fees may be charged when collected by a partner airline through interline agreements, stock codes or other airline partnership agreements. Qatar Airways has entered into an Interline partnership with Massachusetts-based Cape Air alongside us partner JetBlue Airways. Cap Air is known for its regional air traffic in the northeastern United States and operates a fleet of Cessna 402C turboprop aircraft to destinations such as Martha`s Vineyard, Mass.; Lebanon, N.H. and Bar Harbor, Maine, targets that cannot support a non-stop flight from Doha. “Over the past decade, we have had the incredible opportunity to work with JetBlue on a number of initiatives, including the university gateway program and interline tickets,” said Linda Markham, President of Cape Air. “The new codeshare agreement reinforces our shared commitment to an extensive network and a perfect travel experience for our customers.” Cape Air has ticketing and baggage agreements with several major airlines and regional airlines. With regard to domestic responsibility for transport in the event of a loss, delay or damage to baggage or hold baggage or personal baggage held by Cape Air is limited to fair value at the time of loss, damage or delay and will not exceed $500 per passenger (except for users of wheelchairs and other auxiliary equipment) (1) for online travel only to Cape Air without connecting service; (2) for interline travel whose Cape Air segment is included on the same ticket as another airline`s connecting segment with an aircraft over 60 seats, $3400 per passenger ($3500 per passenger as of August 25, 2015), in accordance with federal rules; and (3) for interline travel in which the Cape Air flight segment is included on the same ticket as another airline`s connecting segment with an aircraft of 60 seats or less, $500 per passenger.