Tso Agreement

The Baltic TSOs (Elering, AST, Litgrid) have concluded, in view of the provisions of the MLA RSCI, agreements and experiences already signed in the various aspects of cooperation, the joint operation of the electricity transport systems of the Baltic States and the agreement on the regional coordinator of regional security in the Baltic Sea region, signed in October 2016. The objective of the Baltic RSC agreement was to create the Baltic RSC and to create the framework for regional security coordination between the Baltic TMRs. By signing the grant agreement, the NTRs of the Baltic countries and Poland will receive almost three quarters of this year`s total MIE budget for energy projects, or EUR 979.6 million. 2.6 The agreement (depending on its terms) constitutes the whole agreement between the parties and replaces all previous agreements, agreements and negotiations between the parties. All other agreements, agreements, guarantees, conditions, conditions, explicit or implied, legal or otherwise, are excluded to the extent permitted by law. The customer cannot rely on any insurance given or given by a Tsohost employee prior to the conclusion of the agreement, unless this is confirmed in the agreement. ACER recommends that infrastructure compensation be limited to existing infrastructure and that the infrastructure fund be eliminated. ACER believes that NRAs should also implement cross-border cost allocation agreements for new investments and the establishment of an ex post compensation mechanism for the costs and losses of circulatory flow caused by cross-border flows. In addition, ACER concluded in its opinion that the LRAIC methodology under the current ITC mechanism was only limited. the cost of providing infrastructure for these cross-border flows. 5.9 The Customer may not resell, transfer or transfer the Benefits of the Services to third parties without Tsohost`s express written consent.

15.1 The illegality, disability or inapplicability of a provision of the Agreement does not affect the legality, validity or applicability of others. If such a provision is found to be unlawful, invalidated or unenforceable by a competent jurisdiction or authority, the parties agree that they will replace provisions in the same way as possible, without making them illegal, invalid or unenforceable. . 2.8 References to the clauses contained in these terms and conditions of sale are clauses in these terms and conditions of sale, unless the contrary is indicated. References to the statutory statutes or deeds contained in these Terms and Conditions are understood as such, which will later be amended or replaced. “Acceptable Use Directive,” the Directive on the Authorized Use of Tsohost, which can be updated from time to time and can be found on the site. 7.1.2 not to disclose confidential information to third parties without the prior written consent of the revealing party, unless such disclosure is necessary for the performance of this contract; and please note that some of the documents on this page are available in PDF format. Please download Adobe Reader to view these documents. 10.1 The customer supplies Tsohost and its related companies, Staff, offices, agents and partners fully compensated by and against any act, claim, costs (fully compensated) losses, penalties, damages, claims or charges (including legal fees on a compensation basis) and compensate them, which is emerging from Tsohost and: 7.2.1, because a violation of Clause 7.1. “Consumer” refers to a person who does not have the services as part of a business.

, or for financial or commercial gain, including advertising in any area.